Makaan Consultants is a well-known real estate agency that offers customized services for property buying, selling, and renting. By implementing effective social media marketing and website management strategies, they aim to improve their presence and interaction with customers.


Before working with our social media marketing team, Makaan Consultants encountered various obstacles:

  • Poor Online Presence: Makaan Consultants needed more vital visibility online, making it difficult to connect with potential clients.
  • Lack of Engagement: The current social media platforms and website could have effectively engaged with the target audience, leading to low interaction and conversion rates.
  • Outdated Website: The website did not have modern features, responsiveness, or user-friendly interfaces, which impacted the user experience and deterred potential clients.


Our social media marketing team collaborated with Makaan Consultants to create a detailed strategy to tackle these challenges:

Content Strategy:

  • A content calendar was explicitly developed for Makaan Consultants’ target audience, including engaging posts, property showcases, industry insights, and interactive polls.
  • Visual content like high-quality images, videos, and virtual property tours were prioritized to showcase properties effectively.

Engagement Tactics:

  • Proactive engagement tactics, such as responding promptly to inquiries, comments, and messages on all social media platforms, were implemented to build a sense of community and trust.
  • Interactive elements like Q&A sessions, live property tours, and expert advice sessions were introduced to encourage audience participation.

Website Improvements:

  • The website underwent a complete overhaul to enhance functionality, aesthetics, and user experience.
  • It was made mobile-responsive for seamless access on different devices.
  • Features like property search filters, mortgage calculators, and virtual property tours were added to enrich the user experience and support informed decision-making.


During the implementation phase, the strategies were executed with great attention to detail:

Content Creation and Scheduling:

  • Various engaging content, such as property highlights, market trends, client testimonials, and informative articles, was produced.
  • Posts were scheduled strategically to increase reach and engagement, taking into account the target audience’s online behavior.

Active Social Media Management:

  • Social media managers were dedicated to monitoring platforms, interacting with the audience, and regularly analyzing performance metrics.
  • Timely customized responses and solutions were provided to address audience inquiries and concerns.

Website Development and Optimization:

  • Working closely with web developers, the website was redesigned to prioritize user-friendly navigation, quick loading times, and seamless integration of property listings.
  • SEO techniques were utilized to enhance search engine rankings and attract organic traffic to the website.

The partnership between Makaan Consultants and our social media marketing team produced significant results:

Makaan Consultants saw a notable rise in online visibility, gaining more followers on various social media platforms. The website experienced increased organic traffic and better search engine rankings for relevant keywords.

Increased Engagement: Engagement levels on social media platforms increased, with more likes, comments, shares, and direct messages. Interactive features like live sessions and virtual tours received positive responses, generating more interest from the audience.

Enhanced Conversion Rates: The improved website led to smoother user experiences, resulting in more inquiries, property viewings, and successful transactions. The enhanced user experience built trust and credibility, increasing conversion rates and client satisfaction.


Makaan Consultants successfully succeeded in the real estate industry by using effective social media marketing strategies and managing their website well. They overcame the challenges of limited visibility and engagement, becoming a prominent player in the market. The partnership between Makaan Consultants and our team shows how customized digital solutions can drive business growth and improve customer satisfaction in today’s competitive market.